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Real Estate Transfer Dye Test and Internal Camera Lateral Test

Butler Area Sewer Authority (BASA) has begun conducting mandatory real estate transfer Dye Tests and television inspections of all private building drains and building sewers of homes and business within the BASA service area in 2003, with all municipalities participating in the program by September 1, 2004.  All properties that are, or will be, for sale, are required to schedule a real estate transfer dye test.  This program was developed and initiated to detect sources of illegal ground water that may exist.  Sump pumps that carry ground water, foundation drains, yard drains, driveway drains that are directly connected to your private building drains are not permitted. See the diagram showing private sewer pipe defects.These types of direct connections to the sanitary sewer contribute to the sanitary sewer overflows that occur during heavy rain periods.  The public sanitary sewer system was designed to convey only sanitary waste and was not designed or intended to carry extraneous water. See the diagram showing proper private sewer piping.

Download the Application for Realty Transfer Inspectin and Document of Certification Form and return completed form with the $150.00 test fee to the Butler Area Sewer Authority Office. The completed form and test fee must be received at the BASA office before the test will be scheduled. 

Please review the Dye Test Check List for pretest requirements.



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