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Butler Area Sewer Authority

Realty Transfer Inflow and Infiltration Inspection Program

Realty Transfer I&I Inspection Program

Butler Area Sewer Authority (BASA) began conducting mandatory Realty Transfer I&I Inspections of all private building drains and building sewers of homes and business within the BASA service area in 2003, with all municipalities participating in the program by September 1, 2004.  All properties that are, or will be, for sale are required to schedule a Realty Transfer I&I Inspection.  This inspection is conducted to identify any inflow and or infiltration that may enter into your private building drain (the piping located under the structure) or building sewer (the piping located outside of the structure connecting to the public sanitary sewer). Possible sources of I&I are deteriorating piping, foundation drains, yard drains, driveway drains, and roof leader connections that carry ground water to the public sanitary sewer system. This is not permitted. See the diagram showing private sewer pipe defects. These types of direct connections contribute to overloading the sanitary sewer collection system during heavy rain periods.  The public sanitary sewer system was designed to convey only sanitary waste and was not designed or intended to carry ground or stormwater. See the diagram showing proper private sewer piping.

Application, Inspection and Report Processing Time
Complete, print and return the Realty Transfer I&I Inspection Application form with the $150.00 non-refundable test fee. The completed application can be mailed or delivered in person to the Butler Area Sewer Authority (BASA) Office. The completed application and inspection fee must be received at the BASA office before the Realty Transfer I&I Inspection will be scheduled. Please review How to Prepare for a Realty Transfer I&I Inspection for pre-inspection requirements prior to your scheduled inspection.

The Ordinance requires that a Realty Transfer I&I Inspection be requested 14 days prior to the closing date. Once the inspection is completed BASA has 5 days to produce a Document of Certification for a property that has passed the inspection or a Document of Failure for a property that has failed the inspection.The Realty Transfer I&I Inspection Program is intended for only those properties experiencing a sale, realty transfer, mortgaging or refinancing. All of which are more thoroughly defined in the corresponding Ordinance of your Community.

Escrow Agreement Instructions
Follow the Escrow Agreement Instructions carefully. Use only the BASA provided escrow forms. All other submissions not on the approved escrow form can be rejected.

Realty Transfer Inflow and Infiltration Inspection Application - Fillable Form
BASA Escrow Agreement Form - Fillable Form
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